The trainer behind Triple Fitness.

Kurt’s career began way before he realised it when he started working on his own weight loss journey. A story heard many times over, he came out of high school a keen athlete and then social life and education took a priority over physical activity, fast forward five years and an athletic teenager has slipped into a pre-diabetic, heavily overweight 20 something.

At 25 he hit the treadmill, hit the weights and hit the vegetables, after varying degrees of success and a hit and miss approach to his future health he decided to get himself a personal trainer. After coming up with a plan, setting some goals and getting a serious amount of re-education on both exercise and nutrition, he finally saw the progress that he had spent the past 12 months trying to achieve.

Phase two and Kurt set about getting himself qualified as a Personal Trainer and Nutrition specialist. In an industry like health and fitness the learning never stops and Kurt continues to study a vast and broad spectrum of different Evidence based exercise and nutrition methodology’s in order to offer the pinnacle in results and service to his clients.